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Sarah – C.U. session

Occasionally people will ask us, “What’s C.U.?” (For the inspiration behind these sessions, check out this blog post from earlier this year.) The short version, though, is that C.U. is our line designed specifically for girls ages 9-14. The entire idea is to show girls and their friends exactly how beautiful they are, inside and out, at an age when they hear words like “awkward” and “gangly” thrown around far too often. We’re here to put a stop to all of that nonsense. Girls at this age are exactly the ones who need the reminder that they are strong, beautiful and intelligent–not to mention fun and spunky and downright hilarious to be around!

Meet Sarah. She is, shall we say, a creative. She loves making jewelry, painting, and generally making any kind of craft she can dream up. She’s been dancing since she was a small girl and currently takes lessons with ADT. Recently, Sarah has started to branch out into performing in plays and is looking into modeling (she has an awfully good start to her portfolio after her C.U. session!).

We spent a fun morning together creating images that show Sarah at her best–sweet and smart, funny and fabulous, brave and strong.  (And she was even gracious enough to share the spotlight with her older brother for a few takes!)

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