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Aaron – 2016 Senior Model

I probably haven’t mentioned lately how very much I adore our new Model Experience program. One of the biggest reasons is because of Seniors like Aaron.

Aaron has just started his Senior year at Elizabethtown High School. And, like a lot of our guys, he agreed to Senior pictures to make his mom happy. (You gotta love when the boys will go outside their comfort zone a bit to give their moms a little extra joy in their lives!)

In spite of his hesitation at being a model for us, though, he came into it with all kinds of enthusiasm because he knew he’d have opportunities this year to volunteer and help others through our program. You see, Aaron is all about helping others. He volunteers at his church with the kids at WinShape Camp and Vacation Bible School, he volunteers through Beta Club and the Chrysalis community, he volunteers for the Red Cross…the list goes on from there.

I love kids like Aaron. He’s on the Football team and the Academic Team, but he’s also all about helping his friends with their schoolwork or offering them rides to work. ¬†He hasn’t let his accomplishments inflate his ego.

During his model session, Aaron told me that his mom was going to be thrilled¬†because I managed to get him to smile for me. So we made sure to get a bunch of those smiles mixed in with the fun, tough-guy football player images during his Senior Session. I know which one is my favorite–and which one his mom loved to pieces!

In his own words:

My dream job: Pediatrician

Person I most want to meet: Julius Caesar

I can’t live without: my cell phone

My secret talent: Fencing

One thing that is important for you to know about me: I am a Christian and I enjoy helping others.

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