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Susan + Brian

It’s said that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  Well, we’ve had tiny amounts of rain for most of our weddings this year, but no one received quite so much good luck as Susan and Brian!  They had opted for a small, intimate gathering at Brian’s parents’ farm.  They would be married under their pretty gazebo and we would wander the farm for portraits.

And then the rain came.  And wouldn’t go away.

So, the quick-thinking crew moved into action.  The chairs and flowers were moved to the basement (which, fortunately, had just enough open space to accommodate their friends and family).  The maid of honor ran to the hardware store and purchased white paint drops to create a more suitable backdrop, and the groom and brother of the bride spent some bonding time together hanging up drops and creating about the prettiest basement wedding that any of us could have imagined.

We had a lovely (dry) porch for portraits, beautiful flowers, one of the sweetest First Looks we’ve ever witnessed, the perfect musicians and a surprise for Brian (a Coca-Cola memorabilia collector): the entire family’s names personalized on Coca-Cola bottles.

It wasn’t exactly what Susan and Brian had planned, but it was perfect, just the same.

*fun fact:  Susan and Brian had the Highland Chamber Players to provide the music for their wedding day–almost 19 years ago to the date, they played at our own wedding, but we never got to hear them play (that’s a story for another time).  We were so excited to finally hear them in action–they were brilliant and we loved how their little area of the basement reminded us of a movie set!

In honor of Susan and Brian’s wedding, we donated $240 to Operation Smile.  That donation will cover the cost of one life-changing surgery for a child in need.  To learn more about Operation Smile, please visit them at

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