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Emmett – 8 months

You know, a baby in a tie is one thing, but you put a cute little (gray!) hat on him, and you know I’m gonna be all kinds of squishy over him.  Add a killer dimple to his cheek and I’m completely and totally gone.  Gone, I tell ya.

Emmett adds a sunny personality on to his snappy wardrobe and precious dimple.  He’s pretty much irresistible!

I love that his mom has made capturing his first year a priority, even while she’s busy keeping up with his five older brothers and sisters.  She makes it all seem effortless somehow.  My guess is that having this little cutie around to snuggle with has to ease the craziness of keeping up with six kids!

In honor of Emmett’s Portrait Session, we are donating $50 to Feeding America.  That donation will provide 350 meals to a family in need.  To learn more about Feeding America, please visit them at

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