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Feeding America – our 2016 Models and C.U. girls volunteer

Twelve of our beloved 2016 Models and C.U. girls, along with their friends and family, proved just how amazing they are by trekking out to Feeding America to stuff boxes of food–
early in the morning,
on one of the last full weeks of summer vacation,
in full-on August heat and humidity.

I’m telling ya, hearts of gold, these kids.

By the end of our two hours we had packaged up 300 boxes of food. We were crazy hot, sweaty and tired, but EVERY SINGLE ONE of those kids asked when we were volunteering again.

I love these kids. I love that they’re willing to give up a morning of their summer vacation to help people they’ll never meet. I love that they didn’t care that they were going to have to try to fit in a power nap before their afternoon soccer and football practices.

And I love that they brought along friends to serve with them.

This world can be a rough place. I can barely stomach the news these days–human beings are frequently horrible to other human beings, in all kinds of ways.

But these kids and their friends, well, they give me hope that this world can be changed for the better.

I’m proud as anything to have them representing our studio. And I’m grateful that they’ve chosen to spread a little light my way.  🙂

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