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Angela + Kasey (married)

Remember Angela and Kasey, from a few months back?  These two met on the football field at the University of KentuckyView full post »

A Letter to Moms of Tweens

Dear Moms, Do you remember your tween years? I do. I was a twig—all legs and arms and convinced that everyone mistookView full post »

Angela + Kasey

Want to know how you make a UK fan really jealous? Tell them all about the Saturday morning you had the field and theView full post »

Christian – Class of 2016

I should probably just tell you all now that I’m going to be doing a LOT of bragging on our 2016 Seniors on theView full post »

Sarah – C.U. session

Occasionally people will ask us, “What’s C.U.?” (For the inspiration behind these sessions, check outView full post »

Lana + Dan

From the moment I met Lana and Dan, I knew they were something special.  Take, for instance, Lana’s insistenceView full post »

Aaron – 2016 Senior Model

I probably haven’t mentioned lately how very much I adore our new Model Experience program. One of the biggestView full post »

Melissa + Brad

There’s something about getting a second chance at love that makes me feel all hopeful and happy about life inView full post »

Emmett – 8 months

You know, a baby in a tie is one thing, but you put a cute little (gray!) hat on him, and you know I’m gonna be View full post »

Susan + Brian

It’s said that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  Well, we’ve had tiny amounts of rain for most of ourView full post »

Feeding America – our 2016 Models and C.U. girls volunteer

Twelve of our beloved 2016 Models and C.U. girls, along with their friends and family, proved just how amazing they areView full post »

Amos turns one!

Amos has had a busy first year!  He loves books, trucks of all kinds, and he REALLY loves books about trucks. He&#View full post »

Kaci + Cole

I’d been excited for Kaci and Cole’s wedding day ever since their first Consultation, and the big day didView full post »

Steve – 2016 Senior Model

The students we have participating in our 2016 Model Experience may very well be my favorite group of models yet!  TheyView full post »

Samantha and TJ’s E-Session

Samantha and TJ were the winners of our free Engagement Session at the News Enterprise Bridal Showcase this past JanuaryView full post »